Janitorial Service In Findlay

A Team Cleaning Provides The Best Janitorial Service In Findlay, said one of our more recent customers. When they said best we were both pleasantly surprised and happy to hear that.

Commercial Service

Pricing starts at only $185,00 Call for a Quote Today!

Customize if Needed!

Complete Wipe Down Wipe down horizontal items, vertical items, and all items on walls nightly
Clean and Disinfect Bathrooms Clean and disinfect toilets and urinals, wipe down sinks, clean mirrors, replace toiletries, and sweep and mop w/disinfectant.
Vacuum Remove soil from carpets with dry vac.
Sweep and Mop/w Disinfectant Vacuum Wall to Wall and Mop Hard Surface Floors with Disinfectant
Dusting Dust all low-level surfaces and high surfaces.
Wall Wipedown Additional Fee!
Window Cleaning Additional Fee!

Being a cleaning company that offers a Janitorial Service In Findlay we love to hear that our efforts cleaning for our clients have been appreciated. It takes a lot of effort on our part to please our customers so to hear something like that gives us a motivation and a drive to continue to receive the excellent compliments we have been getting.

Janitorial Service in Findlay

As a leading Janitorial Service in Findlay we can only hope to keep our standards and reputation high while keeping our prices low. For some cleaning companies a lot of the time profits can get in the way and hinder their efforts to do a job well done.

Not us we have learned that a happy customer is a returning customer. And that is much more rewarding than a one time customer that you over bill and do a hurry-up and slacking job.

The other janitorial services in Findlay may do an okay job and we are not trying to put anyone down here but we can guarantee a full honest effort with a reasonable and flexible quote for all of our services. The reason we can say this is about our janitorial services is because we keep a continuing dialogue with all our customers to double and triple check and check again that we are meeting their standards and if they would like any other service applied to the job.

Janitorial Service In Findlay

Janitorial Service In Findlay

Findlay Ohio is a beautiful town that we love and appreciate all the businesses and people that contribute all the good things to the community. With out all of you it wouldn’t be what it is today and we thank you for that. In saying that we can only hope to grow and be a part Findlay and contribute in a way that gives a positive look.

So if your looking for a cleaning or janitorial service in findlay do not hesitate to let us know about how we can help you. We will do all that we can to serve you in the best way that we can with a smile  to go along with that! So Contact Us Now!

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Janitorial Service In Findlay