A Companion to Plato by Hugh H. Benson

By Hugh H. Benson

This broad-ranging spouse includes unique contributions from major Platonic students and displays the various ways that they're facing Plato’s legacy. Covers a really wide diversity of topics from varied perspectivesContributions are dedicated to issues, starting from notion and information to politics and cosmologyAllows readers to determine how a place recommended in a single of Plato’s dialogues compares with positions encouraged in othersPermits readers to have interaction the talk touching on Plato’s philosophical improvement on specific topicsAlso comprises overviews of Plato’s existence, works and philosophical procedure

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Plato, Socrates and developmentalism. In N. ) Desire, Identity and Existence: Studies in Honour of T. M. Penner (pp. 17–32). Kelowna, BC, Canada: BPR Publishers. —— (2005). What difference do forms make for Platonic epistemology? In C. ) Virtue, Norms, and Objectivity (pp. 215–32). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Szlezák, T. (1985). Platon und die Schriftlichkeit der Philosophie. Interpretationen zu den frühen und mittleren Dialogen. Berlin: de Gruyter. —— (2004). Das Bild des Dialektikers in Platons späten Dialogen (Platon und die Schriftlichkeit der Philosophie, Teil 2).

He wrote four Socratic works: the Apology, Memorabilia, Oeconomicus, and Symposium. Xenophon was a companion of Socrates for some time (exactly how long is unclear) during the last decade of Socrates’ life. A charming anecdote from later antiquity shows Socrates seeking him out, asking him if he knows where various foods are found, and concluding by asking where men are made gentlemen (kalos k’agathos, “fine and good”). 48). ” Xenophon did not associate with Socrates to become a philosopher, but to become a gentleman.

48). ” Xenophon did not associate with Socrates to become a philosopher, but to become a gentleman. Unlike Plato, he apparently saw no difficulty in becoming one without becoming the other. Xenophon was eager to show that Socrates was innocent of the official charges raised at his trial: impiety and corrupting the youth. He devoted the first chapter of his Memorabilia to arguing that Socrates was a believer of the most pious and traditional sort. He devoted the bulk of the Memorabilia to showing that Socrates was beneficial to everyone who associated with him.

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