A Pocket Full of Rye (Miss Marple, Book 6) by Agatha Christie

By Agatha Christie

Rex Fortescue, king of a monetary empire, used to be sipping

tea in his “counting house” while he suffered

an agonizing and unexpected demise. On later inspection,

the wallet of the deceased have been came upon to contain

traces of cereals.

Yet, it used to be the incident within the parlor which confirmed

Miss Marple's suspicion that the following she was

looking at a case of crime by way of rhyme. . . .

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Right. 80 DAY M onday was Samara’s “One-eighty-eighty” day, a refer­ ence to the section of the Criminal Procedure Law that entitles a defendant to be released unless the prosecution has obtained an indictment or is ready to go forward with a preliminary hearing. s occasionally get overextended, and have to pick and choose which cases to treat as priorities and which to let slide. Some defendants are lucky enough to slip into the cracks that are inevitable in a system that processes many thousands of cases a year.

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I’ve got witnesses who put her there and have her arguing with the deceased at the time of death. I’ve got her false exculpatory statements, first that she wasn’t there, then that they didn’t fight. I’ve got the murder weapon hidden in her home. ” “No,” said Jaywalker. “I didn’t mean, Why is it a slam dunk? ” Burke gave an exaggerated shrug. Jaywalker decided he could use a lesson or two on the art from Samara. “Hey,” said Burke, “why do seventy percent of murders happen? Two people who know each other get into an argument about some trivial piece of bullshit.

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